Where did all the love go? On to the next one?

Love. It’s something that every little girl dreams about being in. Finding Prince Charming, getting married and living happily ever after – well, that’s how it used to be.

Nowadays, we live in a world where people start relationships, put up a bunch of pictures to show off their amazing partner, put a silly caption like “relationship goals” and within a week they’ve broken up. And how do people get over a break up? Yep, you’ve guessed it, with a little phrase called “onto the next one”.

Long are the days where people were literally heartbroken that they’ve lost the person of their dreams, where they’d sit at home for weeks on end eating a tub of ice cream every day, crying their eyes out. Long are the days where people fought for the person they claimed to have loved. Where people would stand outside of someone’s house with a massive boombox in the pouring rain, waiting for their amoré to look out the window, then they’d run down the stairs and jump into their arms and all would be well again.

Many people don’t know what a real relationship is. Going on dates and being spoiled with goodies and expensive things is only a small part of something real. The bad times are just as important as the good. This goes for people of all ages, not just the young and naive youths, because grown adults make the very same mistakes. If you can find someone that makes you realise you have a keeper even when they’re annoying you, then that’s when you have something real. Your entire relationship from day 1 to day 36 does not need to be plastered all over social media. There’s no harm in being proud of the person you’re with, but some things should be kept private and remain specifically between you and your loved one.

Rushing into something is also a massive problem that people seem to posses. It’s again linked with the idea of falling in love. You find someone you think is amazing and everything is fantastic, then you have an argument and that’s where it ends. Where did all the fun go? Where’s the build-up and the butterflies? Take the time to get to know the person. Get to know some of their bad parts, so it doesn’t come as surprise when you have your first argument and all hell breaks loose. Why is it such a bore to just talk to someone? If you plan on spending the rest of your life with this person, do you not plan on talking to them for the rest of your days? Will those pictures of you both on Facebook forever be a conversation starter?

Not everyone’s first relationship will be their only one and that’s fine – you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your Prince. However, try not to go kissing the entire pond. It’s also okay to not be in a relationship, and it’s okay to get to know and love yourself before you call fully give yourself to someone else and in return start to love them. Love is a beautiful thing and it takes time to build an empire. Be patient and be prepared for the best and the worst. You’ll realise that no amount of pictures and captions will ever live up to your very own fairytale.

By Jade Best

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