Hanna’s online shop has a myriad of goodies!

For a start, there’s Hanna Issue 1: 36 pages of fantastic, thought-provoking work, with articles on hijab fashion, asexuality, Angela Carter and more.

Copies of this limited print run can be bought from Hanna’s Big Cartel.

Includes work from Yi-Hwa Lin, Abi Prendergast, Annette Lepique, Khadine Seville, Deanna Miles, Wendy Davies, Sammy Park, Aislynn Giotis, Noor Al-Kattan, Phoebe Thomson, Madie Lewis, Anna Robinson, Lucas Alberto Climent Baró, Alejandro Rodriguez, Celina Macdonald and Mia Hague.

There’s also kick-arse tote bags, with the slogans ‘Work or Riot: One or the Other’ and ‘More concerned about my pay gap than my thigh gap’ – available in black or purple.

Visit Hanna’s online shop to grab yourself any (or all!) of these goodies.

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