The internet is such a vast place, yet many voices remain unheard. The more platforms that can be created to correct this, the better. Yes, this is a call to action.

That’s why Hanna is here: a site aimed at women, providing a platform for you to be seen and heard, with topics ranging from role models and activism, to body confidence and the ‘F’ word (feminism). Whatever you’re interested in, we want to hear about; our aim is to challenge and change the one-way dialogue that’s currently flowing between mainstream publications and its readers.

We’re after writers, illustrators and photographers who want to make a difference. Is that you? So far we’ve published articles on asexuality, social cleansing and anti-rape nail varnish, and have been lucky enough to interview climber Bonita Norris, the Cadbury Sisters and Noor Al-kattan: hijab/Lolita fashion pioneer.

Want to join our team? Message back with your details and how you think you could help.

Email editor@hannaonline.org with your ideas and we’ll make it happen.

Wendy Davies
Editor of Hanna

For more Hanna-related news, views and general excitement, visit our Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter pages. We also now have a Pinterest page!

Hanna also recommends that you check out the awesome Dazzled Mag. It’s really rather good.



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