Art in Action


Robyn Nichol is a feminist artist, whose work is “inspired by the presentation and role of women in society, particularly the unachievable perfection presented by the media and the flawed expectations that women are told to live up to”.

She says of her work: “I’m now just starting to explore the idea of confession and gender constraints in my work too. I use stereotypically feminine crafts, mainly combining painting, sculpture, sewing and embellishment”.


First Time’: Made in response to my thoughts and feelings about losing my virginity.


‘The Fear’: Made in response to the complete and utter dread and fear that I felt during a pregnancy test.


‘The Marriage’: Exploring the idea of “finding a partner, settling down, getting married and having children” that seemingly everyone is expected to do in their mid-twenties, and how anyone, of any age group, can get married at any point in their life if they so choose.


‘Nips’: Looking at what it means to be masculine in today’s society and the limitations of living up to the ‘macho’ stereotype, particularly the stereotypical assumption that men wearing pink is somehow automatically an indication of homosexuality.


‘Fertility’: This piece didn’t really have a motivation or a theme that I wanted to explore, but I suppose it kind of looks contrasts something that is considered to be beautiful, with something that is considered to be ugly or grotesque.

To look at more of Robyn’s work, see her main portfolio on Dropr
She also writes articles about individual pieces of her work and their meanings within a wider feminist context for Bitchtopia Magazine.

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