Let your mind run through empty fields

People tend to limit themselves by thinking that they’re dreaming too big. The constant worry of “I’m not good enough” or “I couldn’t ever do that” or even “maybe another day” is the dark cloud that hovers over us. We’re too quick to judge ourselves, as we are our own biggest critics. We disbelieve that we are more than capable of doing anything that we set our minds to. The thought alone of achieving more is unbearable and it makes me wonder: why? Why can’t we try our best? Why cant we push ourselves? Why does there always have to be a ‘but’? The reason is because we feel we need encouragement to fulfill our dreams, and that’s not the case. Step one of wanting to do anything is to have self-belief. If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s more than likely that no one else will. It’s not fair to put yourself in a box that only you hold the key to.

Of course there are going to be days where things get tough. If there wasn’t, then there would be no point in doing it. You have to face a few obstacles because that’s what will make you stronger. The famous quote, “if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again” is so relevant. Try again and again; oh and guess what? Again!! Until you are on the road to success. Don’t let minor setbacks keep you down. Don’t shy away and hide in a corner.

Never feel as though you aren’t good enough, because you are. If someone puts you down, the best thing to do is to smile. Want to know why? Because it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. It’ll probably annoy them and that little green-eyed monster will make an appearance, which shows you must be doing something right. I’m not saying that the criticism won’t hurt, because it’s going to take everything in your power to keep on rising. And yes, you will question whether it’s all worth it, and yes, you will try to put yourself down again. However, the difference this time is, you’ll be in control. You have the final say. You will begin to see and understand your self-worth and you will know that no dream is too big.


At the end of the day, who has the right to tell you that you aren’t good enough or you can and can’t do something? Others will have their opinions and they will most definitely voice them, but only you can let those opinions have an impact on your outcome. You have the power to do anything and everything you put your mind to and that starts with a simple plan, note, idea, memory or even suggestion.

Let your creativity shine through. Let your mind run through empty fields, embracing your freedom, determination and independence. Embrace every mistake you make. Enjoy your flaws. Be excited about having to recreate something you did wrong, because this means another attempt at something beautiful and another step towards your happiness. Be your very own role model or, dare I say it, Hero! Be anything other than limited.

Words: Jade Best
Image: Rita Gomes

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