How to Beat the Winter Blues

The lead up to Christmas may seem enjoyable: the presents that you inevitably forget to buy until there’s only a week to go; stating that particular food will NOT count as cheating on your diet, even though you’ll have a guilty carb-free month in January anyway; and, dare I say it, even the annoying festive music.

But after New Year’s, when we’ve all returned to the drudgery of normal life, we’re faced with the unavoidable remaining months of winter. Living in a country where winter can be around until March, or even April, is slightly depressing. However, winter can be fun – just think of how you’ll be sweating in mid-July and praying for it to be cooler.

Here are a few tips to get you through those harsh winter months:

  1. Ignore all your adult responsibilities and stay inside a cocoon of blankets, watching Love Actually for the 12th time. Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong in turning down a party for staying in and binge-watching Netflix.
  2. Okay, I know you’re on a diet (or kidding yourself that you are) but indulging in hot chocolate is never a bad idea.
  3. Enjoy the sensation of wrapping up warm – scarves are always soft and boots make your feet fashionable AND warm. Don’t think that just because it’s cold, you can’t look hot.
  4. Explore! I know the first two points are literally contradicting this one, but try to experience your town/village/city in a different weather. A single place can look so different in rain, snow, fog etc. Chances are you’ll find some hidden shop or café that you never really knew about.
  5. People seem to only take pictures when the sun’s out, but au contraire my dear friend, I’m a strong believer in capturing the moment whatever the occasion, and the most terrible weather can make the most weird, funny, beautiful photos.
  6. Eat sweet things to distract yourself from the existential notion of mortality – I’m joking obviously, but baking cute gingerbread men (or any other sweet treat) literally has no drawbacks other than getting crumbs all over your clothes as you enjoy their deliciousness.
  7. Invest in a quality blanket/coat/pair of socks; cannot stress importance of comfort! And who doesn’t love buying new things??
  8. Read a solid book – you’ve gotta spend all that time cooped up inside doing something, right? So take your winter read and sit by your metaphorical fireplace.
  9. Construct a cool winter playlist to walk to the beat to down your dreary road in the rain. Songs can always make your train journey feel like a Sofia Coppola film.

Disclaimer: This list in no way actually cures the winter blues – I just had to think of a catchy title. Also, if none of these work, there is always refusing to get out of bed and contribute to society for six months. I hope this kinda made you feel better about the next few months of cold. However, I understand that nothing can ever disguise the pain of getting up at 6:30am and getting in the shower. Before the heating is on.

By Radia Mustafa

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