Where does the judging end? (Poem)


Why is it so strange to be different nowadays?

People are constantly worrying about what others will say, think and feel.

You’re being judged because of decisions that you’ve made which don’t concern anyone but yourself.


Young people get put into the same category because one teenager committed a crime.

The elderly are grouped together by being defined as old and miserable.

Young females are defined as ‘easy’ because they’ve fallen in love too quickly.

Men are described as ‘pigs’ and ‘time wasters’ because a young girl’s heart has been broken.

People who claim benefits are automatically ‘living off of our tax money’ and put down to be some sort of couch potato.

Many still live by the fact that children should be seen and not heard, and shouldn’t have an opinion because they’re merely infants.

Racism still occurs, even though we live in one of the most multicultural cities.

You eat an extra chocolate bar and you’re overweight; you decide to skip lunch and suddenly you’re underfed.

You sign up to a dating website and you’re labelled as ‘desperate’.

You apply make-up and you’re considered to be provocative.

You’ve moved from another country and people scream at you, saying you’re taking all their jobs and houses.

Someone doesn’t smile and they’re considered rude.


Where does the judging end?


It’s a strange realisation when you can’t wake up without feeling trapped.

You have to live another day pretending to be something that you’re not.

Trying to fit into a crowd that are also pretending.

More people should realise that when you’re pointing at someone, and picking at their insecurities, there are 3 fingers pointing right back yourself showing that you’re not perfect.

People make mistakes day in and day out; that’s what makes us human.

People judge others, which also makes us human.

However, we’ve gotten to a point where judging can become so hurtful that it leads to people harming themselves and this is where it shall stop!


I know my voice is only one out of billions, but my voice can be the start of something new.

I know that with a little less judging you’ll feel better about life, and believe it or not, you’ll make someone else’s day a little easier.

So when a young person has committed a crime, think about the young person that’s trying to counteract that.

When an elderly person is stating that no one will give up their seat for them, think about the struggles they’ve been through.

When a person migrates over here and gets a job, think about who they’re trying to save and make money for.

When you see someone going into a job centre, think about how many jobs they’ve applied for that day.

When you hear a child giving their opinion on something, embrace the fact it’s our next generation.

When you see someone with make-up on, think about the fact they could be covering a scar or birth mark.

And that person who isn’t smiling, think about what could have happened to them during the day.


There’s always an explanation for why people do things, and sometimes the explanation is as simple as ‘this is who I am’.

You’ve got to give a little to get a little.

So how about starting with seeing others how you would see yourself and treating others how you wish to be treated?

Because, at the end of the day, we’re all human and if you strip everything back, we’re all the same.


Words: Jade Best
Image: Rita Gomes

One thought on “Where does the judging end? (Poem)

  1. There e people in this world, life, time, who think of the things you have described as a joke.
    I say this through experience. At times you can brush them aside and at other times their words of hate and mischief are so evil that you feel like retaliating. Don’t!
    I support and cheer everything you have written because it’s true.
    Stay as yourself, that is you, no one can make up your mind for you.
    These anti-socials, need to get on with life in the real world, and I know for sure anyway they are judged in a way that needles them, then they shall realise the error of their actions!
    Have a blessed day.

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