The Money Revolution


Money rules the world. While there is no completely ethical consumption under capitalism, there is certainly a more ethical way to consume.

Capitalism depends on women, especially women of colour, and the global economy relies on women to provide cheap labour. What people need to understand about racism and sexism is that gender and race-based oppression goes beyond whites and men being mean to women and people of colour. Gender and race-based oppression serves to socially, systematically and financially benefit whites and men.

Historically, women of colour were kept from rising in the business world, simply because they were not allowed to own high-earning stores or businesses. Although there is still a ‘glass ceiling’, it is now possible for a woman of colour to flourish in the business world.

Lost Queens, a jewellery store started by a woman of colour, donates 10% of its profits to a multitude of charities. When asked why, founder Eboni Merriman said, “I grew up in church and saw the members giving 10% of their earnings back to the church; it was for building the community and whatnot. I have a saying, that if I eat, we all eat. (The business) is not about me. It’s about building up the community.”

Using her personal experience, Ms. Merriman shared that women of colour are not extended any privileges or special opportunities but, she said, the thing that makes women of colour succeed is to work twice as hard.

Spending money at businesses directly benefiting women of colour is an act of resistance against a patriarchal, racist system.

Words Sammy Park
Image: Silvia Carrus

Eboni Merriman has kindly given Hanna a discount code, which offers all readers a 15% discount and free shipping. The code is LQSAMMY and can be used on the Lost Queens website – get shopping!

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