Recipe: No-cheese pizza


This pizza has a surprising topping, and no one would ever guess that there is no cheese involved!


1 packet of tofu, broken with a fork and sprinkled with some savoury yeast powder or 2 teaspoons of Marmite

2 cups of tomato sauce (see recipe here)

Half a packet of oyster mushrooms, washed and sliced

1-2 bell/sweet peppers

10 green olives, sliced (optional)

6 rashers of vegetarian bacon, cut into pieces

250 grams of plain flour

1 sachet of fast-acting yeast

Pinch of salt

Cooking oil



Firstly, make the dough. To do this, combine the flour, salt and yeast. Add some oil and a little warm water, and mix the dry ingredients into a dough. The dough shouldn’t be too wet and sticky – it should be soft, but not dry. Knead the dough until it becomes soft and smooth. Put to one side.

Chop the vegetable ingredients. With the back of a fork, break the tofu into pieces and add the yeast extract/. Add a little seasoning, if you like.

Break off some dough the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bigger. Roll out the dough and with a ladle, pour and smooth the tomato sauce over the dough. Scatter the rest of the ingredients over, leaving the seasoned tofu until last. Put in a preheated oven, on 180 degrees centigrade and cook for 15 minutes until golden. Repeat with the remaining dough and ingredients. Serve with salad and fries.

Words: Khadine Seville
Image: Madie Lewis

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