Confidence part two: Motivation

In part two of Hanna’s confidence series, Viktoria Vechter tells us why motivation can be the key to unlocking, and maintaining, your happiness.

From time to time, you may think: “Even if I want to reach my dreams and become the real me, it just won’t work out”. My dear friend, if you think this you have already taken the first step towards achieving your dreams. You just need motivation!

But why is it important to be motivated?

Just think about it: when you are motivated, you take steps towards achieving your dreams and you begin to think positively. Once you have taken all the steps needed to become successful, you will feel satisfied and happy. The reason is simple: you have kept yourself motivated all along. Now you know the advantages, I am going to share a few tips about how to stay permanently motivated.


  1. Decide it and repeat it every single day

Describe your goal in detail, then imagine yourself being happy once you have reached your goal. It’s a very important part of your journey, because your brain can’t spot the difference between a real event and an imagined one.

  1. Educate yourself

You should start to read books about motivation, or any other material that can improve your mindset and attitude. The reason is: if you read sources that can lead you to productivity, you will get there faster and have a more fulfilling journey along the way. You have to be ready for the changes, because if you are not, you will miss opportunities. It’s a very important part of your growth; you do it for yourself and not for others, because when you finally become the real you, you will feel more powerful and have the confidence to take risks for the sake of your dream.

  1. Talk positively

When you talk about yourself or your dreams, describe them as the best things in your life. When I say yourself, I mean that you should think of yourself as the person you love the most. As Kristine Chenoweth would say: If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to overdo talking about yourself as the greatest creature on this planet, but self-confidence is very important. If you say negative things about your dreams, you have already stunted your success. Just imagine a guy saying negative things about a girl – as time passes, the girl would believe that she is worthless, wouldn’t she? Therefore, it’s very important to describe yourself and your goals positively. Your positivity will make you want to keep going and love the person who is always by your side: YOU.

  1. Less talk, more action

As I said in the last paragraph, you should talk positively, but don’t mix it with AIRTALK. Airtalk is when you speak more about what you are going to do than taking action. You should start to believe in yourself and take action at once. You should also be around people who motivate you and don’t judge if you a mistake.

  1. Keep it up

Record your journey. Write down every single day, in a diary or an empty book, what you have done during the whole day in relation to your dreams. At the end of a certain period, depending on your goal, you should look back at the records and spot the differences. If there is none, then you haven’t been productive enough, so just change the methods you have used and you will be fine. Before you set up any goals, you should decide the timeframe, when you will finish and what reward you will give yourself.

Let’s say you want to change your hair colour. You could set the goal of getting an A for your maths exam. If you achieve this, you can change your hair colour! Any time you think about giving up, just think: is your goal worth it?

Now we have discussed how to be motivated, so only one thing left to say: I hope I helped you, but reaching your dreams only depends on you. Get up and do something. Now.

Words: Viktoria Vechter
Image: Rita Gomes

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